Welcome to the Faith Development Team! We are a group of committed, energetic volunteers who share a passion for our faith and dreaming big for our future!

As the Faith Development team, we work to provide opportunities for faith development and spiritual deepening across the lifepsan; from Sunday morning Religious Exploration classes for children and youth, to Adult Covenant Circles, to the Our Whole Lives Program for youth, we have lots to be excited about!

Enrolling in our Faith Development programs is just one way to engage in spiritual growth in our community. Getting involved with teaching and program planning provides an opportunity to get to know others in our community and to be a part of the future of our faith.

Come dream with us, come play with us. We will chose our destination and discover together what gifts we have to share on the journey. 

Meet our Team
June Urdy:Committee Chair
Thorpe Saxton: Board Liaison
Sue Owen-Kinsey
Lisa Rossman
Erin Rockafellow

Safe Congregation Policy:

At the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Flint, we strive to build a community that learns and grows together across generations. To this end, we encourage adult members to volunteer to teach and mentor our children and youth through becoming field trip volunteers, classroom volunteers, mentoring, overnight chaperone, etc. Because the safety of our children is of upmost importance, UUCF requires that every volunteer who works with our children and youth undergo a background check before beginning work in the classroom. We ask that background check forms be submitted at the beginning of each program year. 

You can complete a background screening form online by clicking here: